Custom Wooden Cedar Overhead Doors

We carry the finest custom cedar wood garage door of all designs & sizes. Our doors are made out of real cedar and finished with a special coating that makes them extremely durable. The garage door makeover / remodeling project will take us few days but we will source the highest quality doors for you from a manufacturer that we have used for over 25 years, one that we can trust. These quality overhead doors will give your homes a very special look.

Some of our cedar doors give that elegant, modern look that is the perfect fit for certain homes. It is elegant, clean look that looks even more impressive in person. Call us for more details, we can show rest of our collection.

We also carry some vintage wooden garage doors that is pure eye candy. Not only is it aesthetically superb but it is also made from the finest wood and by very high level wood craftsman that will custom build the door for you when you order it. Using 100% durable cedar wood.